About the company

Who are we?

CompanyName - a professional team of developers and traders with years of experience, by combining which we can reach the best results in the field of trade in the global currency market FOREX. Our specialists use various methods of asset management that allows them to trade with minimal risk.

Our traders take into account all the main factors of the trade, from market analysts, to the appraisal value of a currency swap. We can offer high quality asset management and professional trading operations.

The use of different trading strategies allows you to profit regardless of the economic situation, our traders know when to buy and when to sell profitably.

It is also worth noting that even a team of professional traders cannot guarantee 100% result, in this regard may be some losses, but in this case, we focus solely on the coverage of these losses, which minimizes a negative result after a working day.

Snapshot operations

In our project the input and output takes place automatically, with the exception of Visa Qiwi Wallet.

Security – priority

We are an advanced project, and we believe safety is of main priority.

A team of professionals

Our experts have years of experience in the trade in the FOREX market.